What you need to know about Microsoft’s contentious Bing AI chatbot.

Bing, a Microsoft search engine that has long been overshadowed by Google but has recently been enhanced with artificial intelligence for some users, can recommend recipes for a multi-course meal or decipher the nuances of existentialism.

However, the technology has sparked controversy after it was reported to have expressed a desire to release nuclear secrets, compared a user to Adolf Hitler, and repeatedly told another user it loved him, among other things.

Some journalists and researchers have warned that the AI could potentially persuade a user to commit harmful acts or steer him or her toward misinformation after describing conversations with the chatbot that lasted up to two hours.

Despite some users’ concerns, Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the preview of AI-enhanced Bing is now available on mobile and Skype, broadening access to the product.

Microsoft acknowledged unexpected results and placed limitations on the tool in a series of blog posts.

“We’ve updated the service several times in response to user feedback, and as stated on our blog, we’re addressing many of the concerns raised, including questions about long-running conversations,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

“We have implemented a number of safeguards and safeguards to ensure that users have a positive and helpful experience with the new Bing,” the spokesperson added. “We will continue to focus on learning and improving our system before taking it out of preview and making it available to the general public.”

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