“We are resilient, and we are stronger together,” says Monterey Park’s US representative.

Rep. Judy Chu, who represents Monterey Park, praised local law enforcement and expressed gratitude to those who reached out to her for assistance, including the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Chu spoke at a press conference on Sunday evening, after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that a man found dead following a police standoff in Torrance was the same person suspected of carrying out a mass shooting in Monterey Park late Saturday. Chu thanked local law enforcement for their assistance in locating the suspect.

“All afternoon, the community was terrified,” Chu said.
Chu stated that she received calls from Mayorkas and the White House, but she did not say whether she spoke with Vice President Biden. Chu also stated that she spoke with Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles.

“I received calls today from the White House, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and our mayor, Karen Bass,” Chu explained. “They all expressed their concerns and offered us their resources to ensure that we could end this terrible situation.”

Chu praised the residents of Monterey Park, where she has lived for 37 years, and urged them to “feel safe.”

“What I saw today and what I see now is that we are resilient and stronger together,” Chu said.

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