Ukrainian soldier: ‘Killing Wagner is like seeing a zombie movie.

Andriy and Borisych, two Ukrainian soldiers, reside in a bunker dug into the frozen ground southwest of Bakhmut. They have been battling against hundreds of Wagner, a Russian private military contractor, who have been launching themselves into Ukrainian fortifications for several weeks.

Andriy, disguised in a balaclava, describes a seemingly long conflict that occurred when they were attacked by a swarm of Wagner fighters.

We fought for approximately ten hours straight. And it continued without interruption, not only like waves. Thus, it appeared as though they never stopped coming.

Andriy claims that due to the incessant fire, their AK-47 rifles had to be changed frequently.

On our side, there were roughly 20 soldiers. 200 from their side, let’s say,” he adds.

The Wagner method of warfare entails sending an initial wave of assault that is primarily made up of untrained recruits fresh from Russian jails. They lack adequate equipment and have little knowledge of military strategy. Most simply wish to return home rather than to a cell after their six-month term is over.

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Wagner, according to Andriy, “they make the group, let’s say from 10 men, reach 30 meters, then they start digging in to keep the position.”

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Wagner defector describes the horrific killings he saw at 1:30 – Source: CNN
He claims that a second gang follows to seize an additional 30 meters. “That’s how (Wagner) is attempting to advance, step by step, while they lose many individuals in the interim.”

Wagner doesn’t send in more seasoned warriors, frequently from the flanks, in an effort to overrun Ukrainian fortifications until the first wave has been worn out or decimated.

Andriy claims that dealing with the assault was a terrifying and strange experience.

Because he was firing at them, “our machine gunner was almost going mad. I know I shot him, but he doesn’t fall, he continued. After some time, he may bleed out, at which point he simply collapses.

Andriy likens the conflict to a scene from a zombie film. He claims that they are stepping on their buddies’ corpses while climbing over them.

He asserts that it appears to be “very, very plausible” that they are obtaining narcotics prior to the attack, though CNN has not been able to independently confirm this.

On January 31, 2023, Andriy and other members of his regiment take refuge in a bunker in eastern Ukraine, southwest of Bakhmut.
On January 31, 2023, Andriy and other members of his regiment take refuge in a bunker in eastern Ukraine, southwest of Bakhmut.
CNN/Matthias Somm
The Ukrainian troops claim they ran out of ammunition and found themselves trapped as the attack persisted even after the initial waves were killed.

“The issue was that they avoided us. And in such manner did they encircle us. They arrived from the opposing side. We weren’t anticipating them to arrive from there.

We fired all the grenades we had because we were shooting till the last man was dead, leaving only me and a few other men. We had no recourse in that circumstance.

Nearby Kreminna, the village of Zarichne has seen Russian shelling.
The enemy is constantly on the lookout for us. Ukraine’s drone pilots are essential to the struggle in the east as they remain covert in the forest.
They had good luck. Wagner held off to the very end, according to the Ukrainian fighters, and then retreated.

Andriy’s description of Wagner’s strategy is consistent with a Ukrainian intelligence dossier that CNN last week was able to receive.

In that report, it is said that if Wagner forces are successful in capturing a location, artillery assistance enables them to create foxholes and secure their gains. Ukrainian intercepts claim that communication between Wagner and the Russian military is frequently ineffective.

This week, Yevgeny Prigozhin, CEO of the Wagner Group, was contacted by CNN regarding claims of misconduct within the organization.

Through his press office, Prigozhin responded with a mostly sarcastic remark, branding CNN as a “open adversary” before asserting that Wagner is a “exemplary military unit that conforms with all the relevant laws and standards of modern battles.”

The fields above Andriy’s bunker echo with almost constant firing as he speaks to CNN. A few seconds and several kilometers away from the artillery’s whining comes a loud thud.

As Ukrainian soldiers locate what they think to be a Russian drone and attempt to shoot it down, a commotion of small arms fire breaks out.

According to Andriy, the battalion barely escaped a recent assault by Wagner soldiers.
According to Andriy, the battalion barely escaped a recent assault by Wagner soldiers.
CNN/Matthias Somm
One Wagner fighter, whose background is as terrible as Wagner’s methods are crude and vicious, is said to have been caught by Andriy’s battalion.

The individual is an engineer who turned to selling narcotics to make some extra cash, according to a recording of the man being questioned. He offered to join Wagner in the hopes that it would erase his criminal record, allowing his daughter to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer with fewer obstacles.

On a wall in Belgrade, Serbia, on Friday, January 13, 2023, a mural of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group that read: “Wagner Group – Russian knights” was defaced with paint. Fighting for the cities of Bakhmut and Soledar, both of which are salt mining towns, has brought to light a sour rift between the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry and Yevgeny Prigozhin, a renegade millionaire whose private military force known as the Wagner Group has become more prominent in Ukraine. Darko Vojinovic/AP Photo
throwaway and deadly According to an intelligence analysis, Wagner used violent tactics in Ukraine.
When did you know that you are nothing more than meat? Asked by Andriy.

During the initial combat operation. On December 28, they brought us to the front lines. We were sent ahead last night.

How many individuals made up the group?

Ten, he replies.

According to Andriy, he allegedly said to the engineer: “Obviously, you know that you will die” (in battle). However, you’re too terrified to defend your nation’s freedom.

“Yes, this is true, he replied. We are terrified of Putin.

Andriy compared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was formerly the nation’s top comic, to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Our advantage is that, certainly, we can choose the person who [Russians] refer to as a clown. However, as we can see right now, this man actually serves as the planet’s current leader of the free world.

Andriy, an Odessa native who enlisted just days after Russia invaded, claims that the population will resist no matter how many more fighters are sent to storm their strongholds.

“The majority of my people are volunteers. They came to fight for their country even though they had a nice business, a good job, and a good salary. And it really does make a difference,” he claims.

“This conflict is fought for freedom. It isn’t even the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Between a regime and democracy, there is a fight going on.

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