Twelve days after receiving treatment for four fractures, Lance Stroll competed in the Bahrain GP.

Just 12 days after obtaining medical attention for fractures in his hands, wrist, and foot, Lance Stroll competed in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Stroll, 24, described his injuries in detail in an Instagram post.

“A fracture and displacement in my right wrist, a fracture in my left wrist, a partial fracture in my left hand, and a fracture in the big toe on my right foot,” the Aston Martin driver stated of his injuries.

Team-mate Stroll’s accomplishment, according to Fernando Alonso, was “simply incredible”.

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Meet the drivers and teams for 2023 According to Stroll, his medical team initially anticipated that he would miss “the first few races”.

The Canadian’s injuries resulted from a bicycle accident on February 18 when he was training in Spain.

He placed sixth after qualifying eighth, just 0.5 seconds behind Alonso. In his debut race with the team, Alonso finished on the podium.

Prior to driving the car on Friday, Stroll hid the fact that he had fractures, and the Aston Martin team later acknowledged that he had broken both wrists and a toe.

Stroll stated that 48 hours after his accident, he underwent surgery by Dr. Xavier Mir, who is recognized for aiding MotoGP riders recover swiftly from injury. Stroll also shared an Instagram loop depicting his rehabilitation at various stages.

After the procedure, Stroll claims Dr. Mir assured him that he would definitely be able to compete in the second race of the season, which will take place in Saudi Arabia from March 17–19. “With a little luck,” Stroll continued, “he was hopeful that I may compete in Bahrain, but that was a remote chance.”

The fractures in my left hand/wrist and toe, according to Stroll, “were not suitable for fixation, and I would need to rely on a more cautious method to treat my other injuries,” he said.

“My medical team made sure we were doing everything that had some indication of promoting bone repair.

“Trying to combine everything that could help, even if it was by 0.5%, became my full-time job.

“At first, progress was sluggish; I need a lot of assistance, even with simple household chores.

“But, each day improved, and after the cast was removed on day four, it was feasible that we may have a chance to race in Bahrain. My medical team came up with a plan to assist me regain my wrists’ strength and mobility.

“Rehab needed a lot of effort and perseverance, but with the support of my friends and family, as well as an amazing medical team, I was able to fight through the agony and return to Bahrain’s racetrack with my team and fellow drivers.”

Father of the Ferrari driver with the same name, two-time world rally winner Carlos Sainz, wrote on Instagram: “Very well done. Work ethic is usually rewarded.

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