Turkey’s earthquake relief efforts have been hampered by security concerns.

According to international organizations, the worsening security situation in southern Turkey has hampered rescue efforts following Monday’s deadly earthquake.

German rescuers and the Austrian army halted their searches, citing clashes between unnamed groups.

There have been reports of looting as well.

Turkey’s president has stated that he will use emergency powers to punish anyone who violates the law.

Despite miraculous rescues, the death toll from the earthquake has now surpassed 25,000, and hope of finding many more survivors under the rubble is fading.

Early Saturday, there were reports that clashes between unidentified groups in the Hatay province had forced dozens of Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit personnel to seek refuge in a base camp with other international organizations.

“There is increasing aggression between factions in Turkey,” Austrian Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Kugelweis said in a statement. “The chances of saving a life are disproportionate to the safety risk.”

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