‘The Old Way’ star Nicolas Cage on first Western flick, how he would fare on the wild frontier

Nicolas Cage is known for a number of iconic roles on the big screen, but after decades in the business, there’s one direction he’s yet to take: heading out into the wild, wild west.

Cage admitted in his latest film, “The Old Way,” that he had no trouble channeling his Western roots to play Colton Briggs, a “cold-blooded gunslinger turned respectable family man.”

“I’ve always admired the Western genre,” Cage told Fox News Digital exclusively. “I grew up watching Charles Bronson as Harmonica in “Once Upon a Time in the West,” my favorite Western performance.

“I grew up in California, used to watch these movies on my little TV, and now I live in Nevada. I’ve always thought I’d be a good match for a Western. For me, there wouldn’t be much acting. “I had the impression I could fill those boots and wear that hat.”

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