Southwest cancels another 4,800 flights as its reduced schedule continue

Hundreds of thousands of passengers hoping to fly on Southwest Airlines this week may have to wait a few days longer.

After canceling approximately 13,000 flights in the last few days, the airline plans to maintain a reduced flying schedule for a few more days, according to its CEO in a statement issued late Tuesday.

After being thrown off by a severe winter storm late last week, all domestic airlines have returned to pre-storm delay and cancellation levels. Despite this, Southwest Airlines remains paralyzed due to staffing shortages and an outdated scheduling system.

According to FlightAware, as of 9:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Southwest had canceled 2,508 flights for the day, accounting for 62% of its scheduled flights.

Thursday is also not looking promising: 2,348 Southwest flights have already been canceled.

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