Romain Grosjean’s burnt-out Formula One car will be on display.

The burned-out shell of a Formula One car that saved Romain Grosjean’s life in a fiery crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix will be displayed.

The accident chassis will be a key exhibit at a new official Formula 1 exhibition.

It will begin in Madrid next month before traveling around the world.

“The chassis is still in one piece, the halo is there, and everything is still as it should be,” Grosjean said.

“I suppose it saved my life.”

In a short film, the 36-year-old Frenchman, who now races in IndyCar in the United States, recounts the accident.

“From my perspective, it was a big accident, but I didn’t realize the impact or how violent it was from the outside,” Grosjean says in an exhibition interview.

“I didn’t realize it until the next day, when I asked someone to show me what it looked like.

“My wife was watching the race with my father and children. They will remember that moment for the rest of their lives. They were simply onlookers waiting to hear or see something from Bahrain.

“I had to break the headrest by punching it with my helmet before I could get my helmet through and stand up in the seat.

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