Regarding the “Patient Number 9” Grammy Nominations, Ozzy Osbourne says: The entire situation shocked me

Osbourne claims that if he triumphs at the awards event in 2023, his wife Sharon will assist him with a speech. He jokingly remarked in an interview with Billboard that “my wife pulls my strings.”
For his album Patient Number 9, Ozzy Osbourne received four Grammy nominations. He tells Billboard that the nominations came as an unexpected but nice surprise.

In a recent interview with Lyndsey Havens, he admits, “The whole incident stunned me. I would be shocked to win anything for the record, to be honest.

“I enjoy that about the business. I enjoy surprises, so there are always many of them,” he continues in the Q&A footage above.

Osbourne, Sharon
Sharon Osbourne has returned home after a medical emergency on December 21, 2022.
For Patient Number 9, which topped Billboard’s Top Rock Albums list in September, Osbourne says he’s “sort of excited” about the nomination. Additionally, he is up for best metal performance for “Degradation Rules” with Tony Iommi as well as best rock song and best rock performance for “Patient Number 9” with Jeff Beck. (You may view the whole list of 2023 Grammy Award nominees here.)

If he wins any awards, Osbourne is asked if he will write a speech or just wing it on Grammy night. He acknowledges that giving speeches isn’t really his strong suit.

He admits, “I’m not excellent at giving presentations.” “I always end up repeating myself, forgetting, or doing something else. My wife will probably figure something out. I have my wife behind me. My wife manipulates me.

The 74-year-old rock star said in another interview that the album’s title, Patient Number 9, is “myself, I think. For me, the past four years have been pure torture. I have been in such poor health. And I was also given a Parkinson’s diagnosis. But it takes a lot to hold me down, you know.

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