Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith plays for 17 people during an unexpected Australian bar gig.

Chad Smith, the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, played a surprise concert in Melbourne, Australia, in front of a small group of spectators.

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The spontaneous performance happened yesterday (February 8), at the Cherry Bar location in the city. Only 17 people, according to accounts, were there when Smith played a two-song set that included the AC/DC hits “If You Want Blood” and “Up to My Neck in You.” Local musicians Josh May and AC Dan sang and played guitar with Smith on the recordings.

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is a legend, Cherry Bar manager James Young said of the performance, which was a part of the venue’s Cherry Jam open mic night.


Young, who has presided over performances by past Cherry Bar acts such as Axl Rose, Lady Gaga, and Arctic Monkeys, claims that Smith was “rewarded” after his set with a drink coupon from Dan and May. Below is video of Smith’s Cherry Bar performance.


According to Herald Sun, Smith also reportedly listened to fellow open-mic night performers, such as Melbourne percussionist Seth O’Donnell, perform their performances.

Words simply cannot express this, O’Donnell penned on Instagram. Then he played the drums with my sticks (and broke them), and I got to hang out with him. I got to play drums in front of my idol, Smith.

O’Donnell published a picture of the beat-up drumsticks along with clips of Smith playing them. A day after Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, where Post Malone opened, Smith made an unexpected appearance at Cherry Bar. The band will perform in the venue once more tonight (February 9) before concluding the Australian leg of the tour in Brisbane on Sunday.



Near the end of this month, the band will next play in Singapore, Tokyo, and Osaka. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 12th and 13th studio albums, “Unlimited Love” and “Return of the Dream Canteen,” which were released in April and October of last year, respectively, are supported by the tour.

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