Parliament want F1 to investigate racial disparities and human rights breaches.

The action was taken before of Sunday’s opening race of the 2023 season in Bahrain.

Lord Scriven, the head of the parliamentary committee looking into Gulf human rights, wants F1 to call on Bahrain to free political prisoners and people on death row.

F1 defended holding events in nations whose human rights records have drawn criticism.

The Chequered Flag 2023 season preview can be heard.
According to a statement from F1, “For many years, Formula 1 has made a concerted effort to be a good force wherever it competes, including economic, social, and cultural benefits.

“Sports like Formula One are ideally positioned to bridge cultures and national boundaries and unite people from different backgrounds in order to enjoy the passion and elation of amazing competition and success.

“We have made our position clear that we take our obligations very seriously.

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