Ovidio Guzmán-López, El Chapo’s son, was apprehended amid the chaos.

According to Mexican officials, the son of notorious Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” has been arrested in Sinaloa, where violence has erupted.

The mayor of Culiacán stated that armed forces conducted a raid early Thursday.

A plane was hit by gunfire, according to an airline, and shootings and carjackings have been reported.

Guzmán-López is thought to be a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

The organization is one of the world’s largest drug-trafficking organizations.

The fuselage of a plane scheduled to fly from Culiacán to Mexico City was hit by gunfire as it prepared to take off on Thursday morning, according to Mexican airline Aeromexico.

It was stated that no customers or employees were harmed. A social media video appears to show passengers crouching and cowering in their seats.



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