Northern Ireland Protocol: Rishi Sunak to meet with President of the European Commission for talks

Rishi Sunak will meet with the president of the European Commission in an attempt to secure a new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland.

On Monday, the Prime Minister and Ursula von der Leyen said they would discuss the “range of complex challenges” surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The UK wants to change the protocol that requires some goods to be checked when they enter the country from elsewhere.

Dominic Raab previously stated that Britain and the EU were “on the verge” of a deal.

Mr Sunak and Ms von der Leyen said they had agreed to continue their work “towards shared, practical solutions”.

For days, a deal has been expected, with recent discussions focusing on its presentation and delivery.
Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab previously told the BBC that the UK was close to reaching an agreement with the European Union.

Mr Raab told Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday, “We’re on the verge, we’ve made great progress, we’re not there yet, but it would be a really important deal…

“I think it would be a significant achievement, first and foremost for the communities in Northern Ireland, but I think it would be a paradigm shift.”

The protocol, signed by Boris Johnson in 2020, ensured that Northern Ireland continued to adhere to some EU laws, allowing goods to flow freely across the border to the Irish Republic without inspection.

The protocol required Northern Ireland to continue to follow some EU laws in order to avoid border checks at the UK’s border with the Republic of Ireland.

Currently, goods arriving from England, Scotland, or Wales are checked at ports in Northern Ireland. Once those checks are completed, they will be transferred to the Republic of Ireland.

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