Nine Palestinians were killed during an Israeli raid in Jenin.

According to Palestinian health officials, nine Palestinians were killed during an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank, the deadliest in years.

In the flashpoint town of Jenin, an elderly woman was reported dead.

The Israeli military said its troops went in to arrest Islamic Jihad militants planning “major attacks”.

The Palestinian presidency accused Israel of a “massacre” in Jenin, the site of multiple raids in recent months.

The incursions are part of an anti-terrorism offensive launched by the Israeli military in April.

On Thursday morning, heavy gunfire and explosions could be heard in video footage from the Jenin refugee camp, as Israeli troops surrounded buildings and clashed with Palestinian militants.

Magda Obaid, 60, Saeb Izreiqi, 24, and Izzidin Salahat, 26, were among those killed, according to the Palestinian health ministry. Twenty people were also injured, four of them seriously, according to the report.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said its troops entered Jenin to arrest an Islamic Jihad “terror squad”, who it accused of being “heavily involved in planning and executing multiple major terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers”.

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