NBA: Sacramento Kings defeated LA Clippers in a historically significant game 176-175.

The Sacramento Kings defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 176-175 in a thrilling contest that surpassed the NBA record for most points scored by a game.

In the double overtime victory for the Kings, Malik Monk led all scorers with 45 points, while De’Aaron Fox chipped in with 42 points.

Both teams’ scoring totals set franchise records for themselves in the NBA.

The Detroit Pistons’ 186-184 victory over the Denver Nuggets in 1983 marked the greatest scoring game in NBA history.

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With three minutes and eighteen seconds left, the Clippers led 147-136, but the Kings scored 10 unanswered points to close the gap.

With 2.1 seconds left, Monk scored a three-point shot.

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