Lee Ryan, a blue singer, was found guilty of racially aggravated assault on a British Airways flight attendant.

Lee Ryan, a blue singer, was convicted of racially aggravated assault on a black female cabin crew member on a British Airways flight.

It follows an incident on a flight from Glasgow to London on July 31, last year.
After drinking a whole bottle of port before the flight, the singer was “slurring his words and staggering around,” according to Ealing Magistrates’ Court.

On the plane, the 39-year-old pop star was told to sit down and refused more alcohol. He then made remarks about Leah Gordon’s appearance before grabbing her wrists.

Ryan was seen “snarling” and swearing at officers after biting one of them, according to police video.

He was found guilty of flying drunk, racially aggravated common assault by beating, and abusive behavior toward a cabin crew member.

The singer was also found guilty of biting a police officer.
I’m sorry,” Ryan apologized to the court. My bandmate is black, I’m not racist, and I’ve had black and mixed-race girlfriends.

“It was just drunken banter, I suppose; there was no malice or intent to upset anyone.”

“I didn’t mean to upset anyone or be racist; it was just a poor choice of words, I suppose,” he added.

He claimed his actions were merely “playful“.

Ryan, who stated that he lives in Spain, was granted unconditional bail, and the case was continued until February 24.

He rose to prominence in 2001 as a member of the boyband Blue.

All Rise, their debut single, peaked at number four in the UK singles chart and topped the charts in New Zealand.

Blue went on to have three UK number one singles in four years before breaking up in 2005 to allow the band members to pursue solo careers.

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