Kiev calls Putin’s call for a 36-hour cease-fire in Ukraine “hypocrisy.”

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukraine’s President’s Office, stated that Russia must leave “occupied territories” in Ukraine before any “temporary truce.”

“First and foremost, Ukraine does not attack foreign territory or kill civilians. As the Russian Federation [RF] does. “On its territory, Ukraine destroys only members of the occupation army,” Podolyak said.

“Second. RF must leave the occupied territories — only then will it have a ‘temporary truce‘. Keep your hypocrisy to yourself,” Podolyak tweeted.

Prior to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a temporary ceasefire in Ukraine, Podolyak responded to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow’s appeal for a “Christmas truce,” saying the statement was a “cynical trap and an element of propaganda”.

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