Kevin Parker of Tame Impala fractures his hip, yet he promises to continue performing.

After breaking his hip, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala has stated that he still intends to perform at their forthcoming live gigs.

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The Australian vocalist and musician posted a series of images from the hospital as well as x-rays that revealed screws in his bones and post-surgery sutures on Instagram to inform his followers of his condition.

He started the message by saying, “Fractured my hip. “Tried to complete a half marathon on what was later discovered to be a stress fracture. Whoops. reached the last mile before the finish line. That’s just life, I suppose.


The performer said, “All of the gigs in Mexico and South America are proceeding as scheduled, and I’m not giving up on you guys.”

Tame Impala have performances slated for tomorrow (March 10) in Mexico City, followed by Lollapalooza events in Buenos Aires on (18), Santiago on (19), Asunciónico on (21–22), Bogota on (23), and So Paulo on (24). (25).


A 10th anniversary box set for Tame Impala’s influential 2012 second studio album, “Lonerism,” was unveiled last month.

The May 26 delivery date for the limited-edition box set will feature three vinyl recordings as well as a 24-page booklet. Unreleased demo versions of “Retina Show” and “Sidetracked Soundtrack,” two songs from the “Lonerism” sessions that weren’t included on the final album, will be included among the bonus tracks.

Tame Impala performed the entire album in its entirety during the band’s headlining act at California’s Desert Daze last October to commemorate the album’s tenth anniversary.


On Instagram, Parker just shared a reflection on the album’s creation. It’s hard to put into words what the album means to me right now. Making the song was a really meaningful period for me, he said.

“I had finally allowed myself to let the music entirely consume me… to fully immerse myself in my own world of recording music. I therefore felt a fresh feeling of creative freedom. I was finally simply doing music for myself and believed in myself, so I didn’t feel judged for being ambitious, odd, pop, experimental, or anything.

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