Iranian earthquake leaves hundreds of people injured and 3 dead.

Iranian news outlets said that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Iran on Saturday night local time resulted in at least three fatalities and more than 800 injuries.

According to the Iranian Seismological Center in Tehran, an earthquake struck the city of Khoy in the northwest Iranian province of West Azerbaijan at approximately 9:44 p.m. local time.

Three people were reported dead and 816 injured by the semi-official Tasmin news agency, while 70 villages were reported damaged by Mehr. Operations to provide aid and assess damage are ongoing, according to Mehr.

The earthquake was also recorded by the USGS as being 5.9 in magnitude.

“The tremor was so intense that it was felt over much of West Azerbaijan Province, worrying locals. In addition to numerous other places, it was also felt in Tabriz, the provincial capital of the neighboring province of East Azerbaijan, according to IRNA.

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