IOC: Ukraine should back off its threat to boycott the 2024 Olympics.

If Russian and Belarusian competitors compete, the International Olympic Committee has asked Ukraine to back off its threats to boycott Paris 2024.

IOC President Thomas Bach has stated that such threats are “very regrettable” to the Ukrainian Olympic Committee.

Athletes for Ukraine responded by charging the IOC with being “on the wrong side of history.”

In response to Russia’s invasion, Ukraine is attempting to win support from other nations for a ban on athletes from the two nations.

According to the IOC, neutral competition for Russian and Belarusian athletes would be “explored.”

Vadym Gutsait, the sports minister of Ukraine and the head of its Olympic Committee, responded by stating that his country could boycott the Paris Games. Subsequently, a number of other European countries have also called for the ban to be upheld.

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