Invaders of the Silverstone F1 track guilty of provoking public annoyance

The Just Stop Oil protesters were judged responsible for the track invasion at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, which put them in danger of “severe harm.”

Causing a public nuisance resulted in convictions for four males and two women.

Five of them were captured on camera relaxing on Silverstone’s Wellington Straight while two F1 cars drove by in the background.

The gang, according to the prosecution, immediately presented a risk of significant injury. Next month, they will be sentenced.

At the track in Northamptonshire, the gang had sat “in the face” of swiftly moving vehicles, endangering the lives of race marshals and F1 drivers.

The six demonstrators found guilty of creating a public annoyance were:

22-year-old Alasdair Gibson from Aberdeen
22-year-old Louis McKechnie, of

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