In his First Public Appearance Since Writing His Autobiography, Prince Harry Discusses Trauma and Meghan Markle’s Role in His Rescue.

During their hour-long, live-streamed consultation, Prince Harry and Dr. Gabor Maté discussed his trauma as well as how Meghan Markle “saved me.”

Harry discussed a variety of subjects during his first speech following the publication of his shocking memoir, Spare, including self-victimization, going to therapy, losing his mother, Princess Diana, and coparenting with Meghan. He also revealed how significant Meghan is to him while talking about the role she has played in his recovery.

“My spouse helped me. I was trapped in this reality “said he. “She was also from a different planet, which helps to draw me out of that. But without my own personal experience, none of the components of my current life would have been possible. It’s the one, as we all know. It’s difficult and nearly impossible to change other people. You must first change yourself, then give growth time to occur. But my partner is a truly exceptional person. And I will always be appreciative of the knowledge and room she was able to give me.”

Harry mentioned Meghan pushing him to seek therapy in his memoir, and he talked more about it with Dr. Maté.

“I required the pushback. In need of that moment once more and fearful of losing them “said he. “The question she posed, “Is it because that was how you were brought up, or because you have seen, seen, or heard other people within your life speak about women in that way?” made it a real moment. And it was as though a lamp went off. Wow, that’s where it comes from, I guess. There is no justification. Just a basic grasp of how these things work and how much our background has shaped who we are and how we were. Also, the two of us have experienced our own issues with our families.”

Harry’s public appearances, in addition to his Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, have drawn criticism since he left the royal family for trying to portray himself as a victim. That, according to him, is wholly untrue.

“Without a doubt, I do not consider myself a victim. I’m very happy I have the opportunity to tell my experience in the hopes that it may inspire and motivate others “said he. “By trauma, we are all connected in some way. Never once have I tried to find sympathy in this. For me, the experiences I’ve had throughout my early years, my entire life, and my 38 years — despite the fact that they have been relatively brief; I’m not looking forward to turning 40, for sure — along with the work I’ve done for the past 20 years regarding mental health and mental illness, I’ve always felt that sharing what I can of my story will help someone or some people out there.”

Harry came up about going to counseling to deal with his sorrow at losing his mother so young. He said he’s had brief episodes of despair and is thankful for the experience since it helps him understand what others go through.

One of the things he was most afraid of was losing his connection to his mother. “I believed that going to therapy would cure me and cause me to lose any remaining memories of my mother that I had been able to hold onto. And it now appears that this was untrue. That wasn’t lost on me. It was the exact opposite. I realized that, in reality, she truly just wanted me to be happy when I turned what I thought was intended to be sadness into an opportunity to try to convey to her that I missed her. And that lifted a great burden off my shoulders.”

Harry, who detailed in his book how his father avoided giving him a hug after telling him about his mother’s passing, claimed that he will give his two children plenty of affection.

Now that I have my own children, I make sure to shower them with love and affection, he stated. “not suffocate them to the extent that they start to flee. But in the sense that I have a great duty as a father to make sure I don’t pass on any traumas or unpleasant memories from my time as a child or a man growing up.”

He asserted that the secret to being a good husband and father is to be vulnerable.

He continued, “I’ve found a power in vulnerability, and I believe that exists for all of us. “And that runs counter to everything we are told. Yet it’s unsettling. Yet, I aspire to excellence and to being the best version of myself. I aspire to be the ideal husband. As a dad, I aspire to be the best. Because being both vulnerable and strong allows me to be the greatest dad I know how to be. And those are the two things, in my opinion, that are perfectly in line. More than ever, guys need to be able to communicate about their sensitivities, problems, and feelings. So that’s how I’m going to live the rest of my life, and I’m hoping that other men will do the same.”

Harry talked openly about his difficult decision to quit the royal family, which he now sees as a very essential course of action.

As a person, a spouse, or a father, you may know what the correct option and the required decision is, but you’re terrified to do it because you know you’re going to lose, he said. “When there are terrible decisions that are put in front of you, I think there’s a lot of fear involved,” he said. “I’ve suffered a great deal of loss as a result of where I am now and what has transpired. Yet, I have also benefited from being able to watch my children develop in this place and become who they are. Just how that would have been feasible in those setting is beyond me. According to how I see it, you can do your absolute best each day to prevent passing on any parental traumas. So it almost feels self-defeating if you’re still constrained by your current surroundings. Thus, I feel as though it provides me and my wife much more of an opportunity — as parents — to be able to raise our kids in a way that is really, really useful and nice to be able to fix the underlying cause of so many of those issues, to be able to up and move.”

Harry, of course, made a number of stunning revelations when he published his memoir back in January, including the fact that King Charles used to joke about not being Harry’s real father and the fact that he drove through the Paris tunnel (“not 120 miles per hour, as the press originally reported”) where his mother, Princess Diana, perished in a terrible car accident in 1997.

He also talked of reportedly stealing chocolate mushrooms from a Courteney Cox-hosted party. Harry describes going to a party and running across Will Arnett, who plays Batman in the LEGO Movie, there. At the alleged house party, Harry claims he found “a massive box of black diamond mushroom chocolates” that were “for everyone” after forcing Arnett to “perform the voice” under the influence.

He stated, “My partner and I grabbed several, gulped them, and drank them down with tequila. Harry stated he consumed the mushrooms and developed a fascination for a foot pedal-equipped garbage can in the restroom that began to resemble a “head” to him. He described how the head’s mouth expanded when he stepped on the pedal. “a broad, wide grin. I chuckled.”

Harry asserted that his friend’s experience with the purported psychedelics was completely different and that his friend panicked when he mistakenly thought his puffer jacket was a dragon. The former senior royal remarked, “My pleasant trip had been his torment. “How regrettable. How fascinating.”

In a recent interview with Variety, Cox discussed Harry’s experience and recalled, “He did spend a few days—probably two or three—here. He is a very kind man.” The Scream actress said she hasn’t read the book but has heard about Harry’s allegations in the shocking autobiography.

Moreover, Harry claimed in Spare that Prince William physically assaulted him in 2019. Harry claimed that if it weren’t for therapy, he would have attacked William in that supposed altercation.

Harry added, “I can pretty much guarantee today that if I wasn’t doing therapy sessions like I was and being able to express that anger and aggravation, that I would’ve fought back, one hundred percent.

Harry remembered William yelling at him, “Come on, beat me; it will make you feel better.

Come on, we used to quarrel all the time; hitting me will make you feel better.”

“No, hitting you will just make you feel better. Just leave, please “As per Harry, he responded.

In the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, Harry also discussed the conflict he has with his brother, Prince William. He described their relationship as “heartbreaking” and said that William allowed his PR team to negatively impact it. He called the rift that the circumstance had created between them “the saddest thing.” He continued by stating that it was “terrifying” to have William supposedly “scream and shout” at him during a conference with the senior royals regarding his imminent exit.

Katie Nicholl, a royal expert, previously told ET that she thought the palace would extend Harry an invitation to his father’s upcoming coronation in May as a “olive branch” despite a source close to the royal family previously telling ET that William feels Harry “crossed a line” in making such stunning claims.

According to ET, Harry and Meghan were still waiting for an invitation as of the end of last month.

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