In France, a teacher was stabbed to death by a student.

In the French town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a high school student stabbed to death a teacher.

The attack was confirmed by French government spokesman Olivier Véran, who said the perpetrator was 16 years old.

Police and the local prosecutor went to Saint-Thomas d’Aquin school, where the student was arrested.

According to the French newspaper Sud Ouest, the attacker entered the classroom while the teacher was teaching a Spanish class and assaulted her.

According to local media, the teacher, who was in her 50s, died of cardiac arrest after emergency personnel arrived at the school.

According to BFM, the attacker locked the classroom door and stabbed the teacher in the chest.

Local prosecutor Jerome Bourrier stated that local police had opened an assassination investigation and that the suspect was in custody. He also stated that the suspect was unknown to the police or the legal system.

On Thursday afternoon, the prosecutor will hold a press conference to provide additional information about the investigation.

Pap Ndiaye, France’s Education Minister, called the attack a “tragedy of extreme gravity” and expressed his condolences.

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