Fiona Apple voices a new PSA about courtroom viewing.

The artist, who has recently turned into a vocal proponent of court watching, outlines what the constitutionally protected custom entails in the short film and urges Americans to participate. She also includes testimonies from her own court watching experiences, in which she records what she sees while observing proceedings in open courtrooms, notably bail hearings.

Court observers pay close attention to any injustices in the criminal justice system that are resolved through the courts, especially where there is a violation of constitutional rights.


Court viewing is truly the gateway to a better society, a better world, because it will make you care, Apple said in an interview with The Washington Post about the short film. It causes you to feel compassion towards strangers. We require more of that. We require more of that urgently.

Apple, Fiona. Gary Miller of Getty Images
She added that her composition is a straightforward, unobtrusive accompaniment to the story rather than being intended to be a “masterpiece.” According to Apple, “I just truly felt my love for her and her narrative as I was playing to the Carmen [Johnson] part.” “So I did give it my all.”

Apple added that one of the reasons she started court-watching was her 2012 Texas arrest for narcotics possession. Hash and narcotics were involved. I didn’t use force. But you know, I might have disappeared for ten years. And individuals experience that on a regular basis. People experience it every day. with less.”

To commemorate the season finale of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Apple shared a brand-new song in October that was based on a J.R.R.

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