EXPLAINER: What to Expect on the Second Day of the House Speaker Election

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. What was supposed to be a day of celebration for House Republicans as they took control of the chamber turned into chaos on Tuesday, as intraparty squabbles over who should lead them in their new role resulted in no speaker on the dais.

Following an hours-long series of votes on the first day of the new Congress, Republicans failed to elect a speaker after Kevin McCarthy fell short of overcoming opposition from his party’s right flank.

The opposition to McCarthy’s speakership from 20 lawmakers, including some of the chamber’s most conservative members, hampered the House’s ability to begin work and delayed the ceremonial swearing-in of hundreds of returning members and freshmen.

Republicans will try to elect a speaker again on Wednesday, despite uncertainty about McCarthy’s ability to rebound after becoming the first House speaker nominee in 100 years to fail to win the gavel with his party in the majority.

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