Doritos fans can dance on TikTok for a chance to appear in a Super Bowl commercial alongside Jack Harlow.

In the past, the formula for success with Super Bowl commercials ranged from outrageous and funny to nostalgic, but one brand is betting big on fans for a creative twist to play out during the big game this year.

Doritos announced its 23rd year in the Super Bowl, with Jack Harlow and “one lucky customer” making their debut during Super Bowl LVII.
The six-time Grammy nominee will star in the campaign, which will show fans what is possible when they experiment and “try another angle.”

Harlow is seen in a car surrounded by fans and cameras in a new “Paparazzi” teaser, with one paparazzi demanding answers about his rumored love triangle.

Previously, the brand enlisted A-list talent such as Lil Nas X for its 2020 cowboy and Cool Ranch campaign, as well as actors Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman for its 2016 fire and ice ad.
“A bag of Doritos BBQ, paparazzi, and a mysterious person walk into a bar…” the brand tweeted, along with a photo of screaming fans peering through a car window, where the previously unidentified eater is about to enjoy the iconic triangle chip.
Doritos enlisted the help of their fans to create a daring and energetic “triangle-inspired TikTok dance” inspired by the one below from @vibin.wit.tay.

Users can submit a dance by uploading a video to TikTok with the hashtags “DoritosTriangleTryout” and “entry.”

The competition is currently underway, and three finalists will be chosen by January 13, with the winner announced the following week.

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