Chuck Schumer: The most recent flying objects shot down were most likely balloons.

According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the flying objects shot down over North American airspace on Friday and Saturday were balloons.

Since its military destroyed a suspected Chinese spy balloon earlier this month, Washington has been on high alert.

While he didn’t say specifically that the two latest objects were Chinese, Mr Schumer told ABC on Sunday that Beijing was likely using a “crew of balloons” that had “probably been all over the world”.

In response to questions about Schumer’s remarks, a US Department of Defense spokesperson stated that the latest two objects “did not closely resemble” the original balloon. Reuters reported that they were much smaller.

In the last week, three objects have been shot down over North America.

The latest object was shot down over the Yukon in northwestern Canada on Saturday, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Both Canadian and US aircraft were scrambled to track the object, which Mr Trudeau claimed violated Canadian airspace. A US F-22 fighter jet shot it down.

Speaking on Sunday, Mr Trudeau said recovery teams were on the ground trying to find the object and that there was still “much to know”.

Separately, the US military shot down an object the size of a small car off the coast of Alaska on Friday.

It occurred just under a week after the United States destroyed a Chinese balloon over the Atlantic on February 4th.

Mr. Schumer, who claimed to have been briefed by national security adviser Jake Sullivan, implied that suspected surveillance balloons had been in operation for years and that Congress should investigate why it took so long for the US to discover them.

“The bottom line is that we didn’t know about these balloons until a few months ago – our intelligence and our military didn’t know,” he said.

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