Chris Eubank Jr. wears a rainbow armband before his middleweight fight against Liam Smith.

At the weigh-in for his fight with Liam Smith on Saturday in Manchester, Chris Eubank Jr wore a rainbow armband and a Manchester United shirt.

Smith’s homophobic taunts directed at Eubank, 33, dominated Thursday’s pre-fight media conference.

Eubank wore the pro-LGBTQ armband with his football shirt and kept it on throughout the game.

For the all-British middleweight fight, both fighters weighed 11st 5lbs.

‘Only ever being Eubank’s son scared me,’ says Chris Eubank Jr. Sky Sports and promotional company Boxxer also apologized, and both fighters were spoken to about their behavior and reminded of their responsibility to behave professionally.

Eubank eventually responded to Smith’s taunts about his hometown of Liverpool and his marriage.

Following the heinous scenes, Eubank admitted that things “escalated quickly” and that tensions were high.

“Fighting another man is one of the most personal things you can do in boxing. So I understand, “He stated.

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