China removes a giant rabbit lantern that was deemed unappealing.

A massive rabbit lantern in south-west China was demolished after internet users complained that it was too ugly.

To commemorate the upcoming Chinese New Year, the lantern was placed at Sanxia Square in Chongqing, a city of 30 million people.

“The rabbit has thick brows and a serious expression, like a man. Is this a holiday rabbit?” said a WeChat messaging app user.

The Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac is 2023.
“According to internet users, the rabbit lantern in the square is too embarrassing. Following the complaint, we had it demolished “According to Hongxin News, the Sangxia Square Commercial District Management Committee.

Another WeChat user commented, “It resembles a rabbit goblin.”

However, some people claimed that removing the lantern was unnecessary because it simply resembled traditional ones.

In Chinese culture, the rabbit is regarded as a cute and gentle animal.

There was also backlash against one of China Post’s special Year of the Rabbit stamps, which were released earlier this month.


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