Cardi B recalls the moment she and Offset found out about Takeoff’s passing.

Cardi B described how she and her husband Offset learned that Takeoff had passed away.

In the wee hours of November 1, 2022, Takeoff, actual name Kirsnick Khari Ball, was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. Age-wise, he was 28. The rapper from the group Migos was buried on November 11 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cardi later said that she was “feeling so helpless” in her attempts to support Offset through his sadness over his deceased bandmate. READ MORE: How the unassuming Takeoff became the actual superstar of Migos


The “WAP” rapper revealed during a recent appearance on The Jason Lee Podcast that she and Offset had intended to stay at home on the night of Takeoff’s murder rather than go to Lala Anthony’s annual Halloween party.

Cardi recalled, “We just fell asleep, and out of the blue, Offset’s phone began calling, my phone kept ringing” (via Rolling Stone).

Offset answered the phone and only said, “No! ” “No, no, no!” he is yelling nonstop. And I ask, “What’s happening?” Then he said, “Takeoff is dead,”


Cardi responded, “Don’t say that,” after hitting her spouse because she was so shocked by the revelation.

He’s just yelling, throwing things, throwing up, and running around, she continued. I was crying a lot because I was so terrified.


Regarding the events that followed Takeoff’s passing, Cardi admitted to Jason Lee that “it was a sensitive period in my home. Every little terrible thing, every little this, every little whatever the crap, everything was just so upsetting to me. There was a lot.

The entire exchange may be heard above.

Takeoff’s premature demise caused a great deal of heartache and sorrow in so many people’s lives, Cardi said in a previous ode. We have found it difficult to comprehend this tragedy given the enormous impact you had on this globe.

“I am devastated but thankful for the priceless memories we were able to create while you were here with us. The pain is unbearable, and this has truly been a nightmare.

Offset, who wed Cardi in 2017, paid tribute to Takeoff on social media in November. He wrote in the note, “The grief you have left me with is overwhelming, and my heart is broken.”

The suspect in Takeoff’s murder was freed from custody earlier this month after posting a $1 million (£812,000) bond.

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