Banksy’s Valentine’s Day artwork in Margate was removed within hours.

A Banksy piece that appeared in Margate was removed by the local council just hours after the elusive artist claimed ownership of the piece.

The mural depicts a 1950s housewife with a swollen eye and missing tooth, allegedly locking a man in a freezer.

The piece, titled “Valentine’s Day mascara” by Banksy, also included a broken freezer and other items, all of which were later removed.

The freezer will be returned “once it has been made safe,” according to the council.

“A fridge freezer which is believed to have been part of the installation has been removed by council operatives on the grounds of safety as it was on public land,” Thanet District Council added.

On Valentine’s Day morning, Banksy posted a photo of the work to his Instagram page, and many of the comments suggest he is referring to the fight against violence against women.

The artist also shared photos of a close-up of the woman’s smiling, but battered, face.

The artwork also included trash on the ground, such as a broken white garden chair, a blue crate, and an empty beer bottle.

The freezer and other items were removed “very quickly” and loaded into a truck at midday on Tuesday, according to a resident of the property where the painting was created, who asked not to be identified.

“I’m absolutely upset because it’s not really nice,” the tenant said when asked how she felt about the eviction. It was part of the art, and they should be pleased because Margate could receive more positive attention.

“How come they moved those parts? It’s just ridiculous.”

“Previously, no one was interested if the trash was on the street,” she added, referring to the council. They were, but not in such a hurry.

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