After a deadly attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, Israel arrests 42 people.

Police in Israel have arrested 42 people in connection with a fatal shooting at an East Jerusalem synagogue on Friday.

In the deadliest attack of its kind in years, seven people were killed and at least three others were injured.

The incident occurred around 20:15 local time in the city’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood (18:15 GMT).

Two people were injured in a separate “terrorist attack” outside the Old City on Saturday, according to police.

According to police, the gunman in the second attack was a 13-year-old boy. They stated that he had been “neutralised,” but provided no further information.

The attacker at the synagogue on Friday was identified as a Palestinian from East Jerusalem, whom police described as a “terrorist” by local media.

Speaking at the scene of the attack on Friday, Israeli police commissioner Kobi Shabtai called it “one of the worst attacks we have encountered in recent years”.

Israeli worshippers had gathered in a synagogue in the Jewish settlement for prayers at the start of the Jewish Sabbath and were on their way out when the gunman opened fire. Officers then shot him dead, according to police.

Forensic teams are looking into a white car that appeared to be driven by the gunman.

Palestinian militant groups applauded the attack but did not claim responsibility.

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip celebrated the attack with rallies and the distribution of sweets.

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