After 178 hours under rubble, a young girl is rescued in Turkey.

More than a week after the devastating earthquake, a young girl was rescued from the rubble of a block of flats in southern Turkey.

Miray had been trapped in the ruins for 178 hours, or nearly seven days.

Workers were seen cheering and shouting “God is great” as she was lifted out of the darkness on video. A woman was rescued after 175 hours trapped beneath a collapsed building.

Rescues are becoming increasingly rare as the death toll approaches 35,000.

This is due in part to the human body’s limited ability to survive without water, particularly in cold temperatures.

The final death toll in Turkey and neighbouring Syria is likely to be much higher, with the United Nations’ humanitarian chief warning it could “double or more”.

Miray, the young girl who was rescued on Monday in Adiyaman, was strapped to a stretcher and carried away by rescue workers. Rescuers were said to be close to finding her older sister, according to local media.

After 175 hours under the rubble in hard-hit Hatay, a woman named Naide Umay was rescued and taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Thousands of teams across the region have been scouring the remains of collapsed buildings for survivors, including coal miners and experts using thermal cameras and sniffer dogs.

However, there is a growing sense that the rescue mission will soon come to an end if people are not found alive.

Officials are looking into shelter, food, and healthcare as the focus shifts to recovery.

Turkey arrests contractors involved in building collapses.
Why Syrians feel forgotten in the absence of tents, aid, or anything else
There are also concerns about whether the natural disaster’s impact was exacerbated by human error.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged shortcomings in the response, but he appeared to blame fate during a visit to a disaster zone last week.

Officials say they have issued 113 arrest warrants in connection with the construction of the collapsed buildings, with 12 people arrested, including contractors.

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