Adidas may sell Yeezy shoes and donate the proceeds.

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Fans who are undeterred by Mr West’s anti-Semitic remarks that prompted the break may still be able to purchase the goods.

Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden stated that the company is considering selling the shoes and donating the proceeds to charity.

He stated that he had exhausted all other options, including burning them.

Giving them away for free is also complicated, according to Mr Gulden, who noted that the shoes’ resale value has risen.

A pair of Yeezy 350 “Zebra” shoes is now selling for between $340 and $360, up from around $260 four months ago, according to John Mocadlo, CEO of US footwear reseller Impossible Kicks.

The rise underscores the cost for Adidas after it cut ties with the rapper, who goes by the name Ye, in October saying it would “not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech”.

The company halted its nine-year collaboration after the artist, who has bipolar disorder, displayed a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt design at Paris Fashion Week, sparking widespread outrage. Days later, he used his Twitter account to make anti-Semitic remarks.

Adidas estimated that the split would cost the company €600 million (£534 million) in the final three months of 2022. It warned investors that the termination of the deal could reduce profits by at least €500 million in the fiscal year 2023.

If Adidas sells the products, it must pay Ye in accordance with its contract, Mr Gulden said at a press conference after the company updated investors on its 2022 performance.

However, the company estimates that finding a way to repurpose the remaining products is only 15% to 30% likely.

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