According to the mayor, 30% of Kyiv will be without power on New Year’s Eve.

According to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, emergency shutdowns have left 30% of the city without power.

“The capital’s municipal ‘life support system’ is operational. Currently, 30% of customers are without power. Due to emergency shutdowns,” Klitschko wrote on Telegram on Saturday.

Residents of Kyiv have access to water and heat, he added.

Klitschko also stated that the open section of a metro line in the city has been restricted to check “for the presence of remnants of missile debris.”

“Specialists are on their way,” he explained. “We will keep you updated on the resumption of traffic on the red line.”

Another round of Russian strikes hit Ukraine’s vulnerable energy infrastructure this weekend. Crews worked for days to repair systems and fortify the grid ahead of New Year’s Eve, but Ukrainian officials said Saturday that Moscow’s attacks threaten to bring cities to a halt on the holiday.

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