According to an official, Germany will send Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

According to German Ambassador to the United States Emily Haber, Germany will provide Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles and an additional Patriot air defense battery.

“Germany will supply #Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles. “We’ll also work with the US to provide an additional Patriot air defense battery,” she said on Twitter.
The Marder is a German infantry fighting vehicle that has been continuously upgraded since the early 1970s. While the German military is phasing out the vehicle, hundreds are still in service.

A heavily armed armored vehicle used to transport soldiers around the battlefield is known as an infantry fighting vehicle. It is usually deployed alongside main battle tanks.

German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck praised his government’s “logical” decision to send additional military aid to Ukraine on Thursday.

“This is a wise choice. Since the beginning of the war, we have steadily increased our assistance in collaboration with our partners. It is only natural that we take this step as well. Ukraine has the right to defend itself against Russian aggression, and we have a responsibility to assist it in doing so,” he said.

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