A massive winter storm is expected to bring heavy snow and rain to several states.

Don’t be fooled by the mild winter weather in some areas; a massive storm is on its way across the country, wreaking havoc in several states.

Forecasts indicate that the next storm threatening the United States will begin in the Northwest on Tuesday morning, bringing heavy snow to the mountains of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.
As it moves southeast into America’s Heartland, the storm system will strengthen.

By Wednesday, a wide swath of snow will have fallen from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes region, potentially bringing blizzards to the northern Plains and upper Midwest.

As the large storm system develops, the National Weather Service has begun to issue winter weather warnings in those areas.

Many areas are expected to receive up to 2 feet of snow through Friday morning, but totals may rise as the storm approaches.

Forecasts indicate that heavy rain and thunderstorms will be possible in the South on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Northeast, on the other hand, will continue to have an unusually mild winter. The storm system will make its way to the Northeast, bringing a wintry mix, but little snow is expected in cities along the I-95 corridor.

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